Changing your Manager

We have found that many Landlords who previously had their investment properties managed by companies which do not specialise in Property Management, are pleasantly surprised by the extra level of service that they receive from Eastern Property Rentals.

In an effort to assist with the smooth transfer of your property from your current Managing Agent, please respond to the following questions:-

Step 1:

You own an investment property(ies) in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
(Please refer to our Zone of Influence)


Step 2:

You are currently receiving less than a high level of personalised service in relation to the management of your investment property(ies).


Step 3:

Do you have a current Management Agreement?
If yes – is it due to expire any time within the next few months?
If no – sixty (60) days written notice is all that is required
If vacant – we can organize your transfer immediately


Step 4:

Please provide your details:

Postal address:
Mobile number:
Home number:
Email address:
Investment Property Address:
Yes No
Management Agreement Expiry Date:
Current Managing Agent details:
  Fax to: (08) 8338 0199

Step 5:

We will send you a copy of our Management Proposal for your perusal – please expect a call from our office within seven days to discuss any queries you may have regarding the transfer process.


Step 6:

We will prepare a Management transfer notification for your current Agent


Step 7:

We will collect the file from your current Managing Agent and then send notification to your current Tenant


Step 8

You and your Tenants will start to enjoy our unique personalised service!