Brenton and Tania Wundenberg - Property ManagersAll in a day's work!!

(Based on true events... names have been changed)

8pm Tuesday Evening – Your Tenant, Jodie, calls from a public telephone box.  “I was late for work this morning and in my rush I must have locked the keys in the Unit – as it’s raining and I don’t have a car, can you pick me up from this phone box and take me back to the Unit and let me in with your spare set of keys?”

5pm Friday – Ian, your Tenant finally returns your call about his rent arrears.  “I have had an accident in my car and it is not insured but my mate is going to lend me some money so I can catch up on the rent.  Trouble is I won’t see him until next Friday, okay?”

1am Sunday – your excellent Tenant, Susan, calls “I have just woken up and water is pouring through the ceiling onto my new leather lounge suite and the carpet.  It is really dirty water – I think it is coming from the hot water service.”


2am Christmas Day – Christine calls “The guy in the Unit next door is having a wild party, loud music, broken bottles and foul language – I’ve called the Police twice but they start up again after the Police leave.  I know they are not your Tenants, but can you come over and sort them out – I’m really scared.”


3pm AFL Grand Final Day – “Hello, my name is Leo – I saw the house you have for rent.  Can I have a look inside in the next half hour as this is the only time I get a break from my work as a Chef.”


3pm Friday – Tenancy for house at Norwood due to commence 4pm.  New Tenant’s wife calls to advise that her husband has just passed away quite unexpectedly, very upset – obviously cannot consider shifting now.


3am Sunday – Police call to advise that your Unit in St Peters has just been broken into.  Tenants not at home – property needs to be secured.

Are you still sure that you would like to manage your own property?